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Air Conditioners- Prices

There are many concerns for people who are considering investing in air conditioners- prices, however, will not be one of them if you choose to purchase aircons at Emairsa! We offer you air conditioners prices that other companies will struggle to match. Purchase aircons for as little as R3999 that also include the full installation of air conditioner systems. The amazing features of our air conditioner systems are as follows:

  • Treated filers
  • Intelligent defrost function
  • Digital display
  • Energy saving function
  • Low noise sleep function
  • Anti corrosion fins
  • Auto restart
  • Remote Control
  • 1 year all part warranty

Emairsa works hard to provide our clients not only with the very best air conditioners prices, but also with excellent customer service. What is the use of buying a cheap air conditioner system if the company’s service standards are just not up to scratch? This is something that you will never have to worry about when doing business with Emairsa- with many years of experience we know just what our clients expect and we work diligently to ensure that they receive it!

Choose Us to Be Your Trusty Aircon Suppliers

For a company that always gives of its best- choose Emairsa to be your aircon suppliers. We are the air conditioning company- and aircon suppliers- that always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied. The air conditioner system that you purchase will be installed for you by technical professionals with plenty of expertise and passion for what they do. All of our team members keep the customer in mind when performing installations and will meet and exceed all of your expectations. For well functioning aircons, choose the aircon suppliers who actually care- choose Emairsa.

Air Conditioners- South Africa

As a result of our sometimes harsh weather conditions, it is quite necessary to be in possession of air conditioners. South Africa deals with extreme temperatures- from boiling hot weather in summer to freezing cold weather in winter, having an air conditioner system on hand can help you to regulate these temperatures and make them bearable. Feel comfort on those hot sticky days and stifling nights. Bio-technology is employed in our aircons for cleaner, healthier air whilst also helping to prevent influenza. Homes are safer because most harmful bacteria is killed by negative ions and silver nano filters found in our Daiken and Samsung aircon ranges. In winter, heating a room with an air conditioner system uses less electricity and is more efficient than conventional heaters. For example a two bar heater and a 12000 BTU Aircon both give off 3.3Kw of heating. The two bar heater costs approximately R1.40 per hour whilst the 12000 BTU Aircon costs approximately 0.50 cents per hour.

The cost of air conditioning need not be unreasonable- everybody is entitled to relief during those taxing summer and winter months- which is why Emairsa’s prices are fair and some of the most competitive in the industry. For the very best aircon prices and services such as installation and aircon repairs, contact Emairsa today!